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26 October 2007 - 14 January 2007 London


I cried a lot. I cried in McDonald's; I cried in toilets. I cried in front of the reception at International Student House when some of the staff told me they didn't have any vacancy. I was completely alone. I knew no one. I didn't know anything about London.


sTom Preston and Naomi

sJamie Douglas and Lisa

sAbigail Sharma

sChris and Chrici Williamson

Production Manager/Assistant

sBritish Library Newspaper, Colindale:

sActress and Actor:

     - Colchester:

sSearching 'male helpers': I handed out my phone number to whoever randomly.

CCL Visual

Mark Heyhoe, Mark Ferns, and Russell Stevens (three most adorable English blokes I've ever seen): 'Camera one, can you....' Coooooool experience.


Shisha smoked at a Moroccan restaurant. The flavour was peach.

Salsa Clubbing Lesson

Thanks to Jamie's teaching me to close my eyes and that no one's watching me, my dance improved.

'Your Coffee Will Never Taste the Same' Screening and LFS's at CAI

New Year's Eve

That I had expected became a nightmare. Patrice LaFlamme was certainly unreliable for sure. I should've contacted people much earlier. I asked for it myself.

Nol Andriassan and His Super Huge Girlfriend

It was crazy that I met Nol the second time! He really carried out his word. I was very surprised when I saw his new girlfriend. She was four times bigger than him! What was wrong with him? Are they going to marry?


My housemates were all guys. My filming friend was a guy. My Visuals teammates were all guys (they were all very handsome unavailable English). My hanging out friend was a guy. My salsa partners were guys. The few people who asked for my phone numbers were guys. There was about one month I didn't talk to any females except my mom on the Internet. What a life! Wasn't that technically what I'd been dreaming about? (though in fact I didn't talk to them much)